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Kyle Vondra

Kyle Vondra


About Me.

Programmer and Game Designer

Hi! I'm Kyle, and I'm a California Bay Area college student attending Cogswell Polytechnical College and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Game Design Engineering. My current focus is on gameplay programming and game design, and I'm always learning new things to expand my skillset. I work hard in my classes as well as working on personal projects, because I love pushing my boundaries!

I've participated in team-based activities all my life, such as competing in FRC Robotics Competition and band all throughout middle and high school. In college, I competed in Tespa, a college-based Esports organization. I'm competitive, team-oriented, and always have the drive to improve myself and push my boundaries.

Personal Information

  • NameKyle Vondra
  • Age23 Years
  • ResidenceSan Jose, California

Primary Skills

Gameplay Programming

I can work with software such as Unreal's C++ API, Blueprints, and Unity's C# API to build gameplay events.

Game Design

I can craft experiences by designing various mechanics and balancing them to provide the best gameplay experience.

Network Programming

While still new to it, I practice a lot to build robust backend networks for games and databases (like this website).

Leader and Team Worker

I've always been a team-oriented person who can take charge and lead people in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

My Resume.


  • Code Coach

    The Coder School San Jose

    I worked as a personal code coach, teaching kids of all ages how to code with various software such as Unity, Javascript, Python, and HTML/CSS.

    2016 2014
  • Deckhand

    American Cruise Lines, Guilford, CT, USA

    I was a temporary, 4-month deckhand on a cruise ship. Here I took care of things such as keeping the boat clean, doing security rounds, assisting the captain with operating the boat, and assisting passengers.

    2016 2016
  • Retail Associate

    Ingles Markets, Dallas, NC, USA

    Here, I worked as a retail associate in the deli, so I've done everything from inventory management, serving customers, and stocking shelves. I've also run as the night lead.

    2016 2014


  • BS Game Design Engineering

    Cogswell Polytechnical College, San Jose, CA, USA

    The core subjects of my degree were in game design, production, and development. This included topics such as computer science subjects, art subjects, player psychology, level design, and math.

    2021 2017

Other Skills

Unreal Engine


Unity Engine


Programming Skills









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